Results even when other treatments have failed

Results even when other treatments have failed

Results even when other treatments have failed
Individualized Care

Individualized Care

Individualized Care
30 years of experience treating pain!

30 years of experience treating pain!

30 years of experience treating pain!

Tired of Treatments That Don’t Reduce Your Pain?

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Every year, the number of people suffering from chronic neck, back, knee, shoulder and joint pain – which is already in the millions – grows exponentially. Traditional care and courses of treatment have not yet been successful in improving these grave statistics, and more people are prescribed and, in many cases, addicted to prescription pain medications than ever before.

On average, people are living longer lives now than in the past; however, individuals are not living the comfortable, joyous lives they deserve because of their constant battle with chronic pain, which is oftentimes severe to the point of being debilitating.

If you suffer from some form of chronic pain and you frequently find yourself wondering if you will ever feel relief or be pain-free, rest assured you’re not the only one. And fortunately for you and other area residents, LaserTech is here to help.

Many of our patients have come to us after trying and failing to find relief from other popular treatment options, such as physical therapy, prescription drugs, injections and, in some cases, even surgery. When you’re ready to discover a safe and effective alternative that’s accepted among the medical community and allows you to avoid surgery, drugs and steroid injections, call LaserTech at (602) 682-9670 and request your free consultation today!

How Can LaserTech Improve Your Life?

  • Relief for serious pain by targeting the cause
  • Effective even when medications and injections have failed
  • Computerized lasers for pain relief and healing
  • Other FDA Cleared Technologies
  • Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, Herniated Discs and more
  • Effective in providing Neuropathy Relief
  • Safe, comfortable with little to no down time

What Do You Have to Lose But Your Pain?
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Start Your Road to Long-Lasting Pain Relief
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Patient Testimonials

“My Pain is Gone”


“I had lower spine pain and sciatica primarily in my left leg. I tried months of Physical Therapy but still had pain when walking, standing, and sitting for prolonged periods. After treatment at LaserTech, my sciatica is eliminated and my back pain is minimal. I am amazed at the results!

–William L.

“I had severe pain from my feet to my waist for over 5 years due to neuropathy. The pain was so bad that I stayed in bed and had to be helped by my family. Now, after LaserTech treatments, I feel great! I am learning to ride a bike and now I can go shopping with my husband. I highly recommend the treatment.”

– Ester P.

Board Certified in Physical Medicine Modalities • Chiropractic Physicians • Member of NAALT

Laser Tech

Laser Tech