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Don’t Just Settle for Treatments That Mask Your Symptoms, Go After the Root of the Problem!

Non-invasive treatments for significant pain relief in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area.


The number of people suffering from severe, chronic pain has risen to unprecedented, near epidemic levels in this country. While some are comfortable with treating their symptoms with invasive surgeries, injections and addictive pain medications, many in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area are looking for a viable, less invasive alternative. That’s where LaserTech Pain and Back Relief Center comes into play.

Through our years of firsthand experience and clinical research, we have found ways to make invasive pain treatments a thing of the past, and we have made it our overarching goal to provide our patients with a practice that offers an array of pain-relieving technologies and pain relief therapy in Phoenix, AZ that have proven to be effective at reducing and, in some cases, eliminating your pain altogether.

How, you may ask, have we accomplished this? To put it simply, we’ve hand-selected the most effective technologies, developed proprietary methods that consistently improve results and spent countless hours researching what treatments and protocols, once combined, are able to more effectively treat our patients’ neurological and musculoskeletal pain conditions. Plus, with our effective injection free pain management and treatment methods in Phoenix and Scottsdale, you can look forward to both a quick procedure and a quick recovery with little to no downtime.

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