Electronic Nerve Biomodulator (ENB)

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Most pain, especially chronic pain, is due to abnormal transmission of the nerves. This can be caused by an injury or it can be residual abnormal nerve transmission that continues well after an injury has healed. Many patients that come to us after suffering from prolonged pain even after trying physical therapy, pain management, and even surgery, are suffering in part from this abnormal nerve firing that can become a permanent pain producing neuropathic pattern. This means the nerves are causing the pain and we need to address this part of the problem.

Our ENB is not used like the typical muscle stimulator. Along with our other pain relieving technologies, we have developed protocols with our ENB technology that have successfully dealt with this difficult issue of abnormal nerve transmission especially for symptoms of Sciatica, and Neuropathy.

Our goal with our ENB is to retrain and modulate the nerve transmission and improve nerve function, NOT to just numb the pain. This technology has been another great addition to our pain treatment arsenal and often times can be a game changer and is another one of our safe and effective treatment modalities.

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