LARIT: Laser Assisted Regenerative Injection Therapy

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  • Electronic Nerve Biomodulator
  • Super Pulsed Laser
  • Low Force Adjuster
  • Deep Wave Percussion Therapy
  • Health Light Laser Arrays
  • RX1 Back Stabilization
  • Tennant Biomodulator
  • Vibration Rehabilitation
  • Cervical Super Traction Decompression and more.

We feel our LARIT procedure provides us an additional opportunity to help our chronic pain patients lead a more active life without drugs or having to go under the knife. We developed this procedure by combining two of the more promising regenerative and pain relieving treatments available: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Internal Lasers. Our patients have found this minimally invasive procedure to be safe, comfortable, and highly effective. This procedure is performed by our experienced Naturopathic Medical Doctor.

PRP is a regenerative injection therapy that utilizes concentrated cells from one’s blood that includes Growth Factors that can help significantly increase healing capacity by injecting the regenerative cells directly into or next to the damaged tissue that’s causing the pain. You may have first heard of this a few years ago when stories broke about many professional athletes who traveled to Europe to get an exciting new treatment to heal a problem if knee or shoulder or back without surgery. That’s PRP and it’s here at LaserTech.

Internal Lasers are also exciting and new and were developed by an MD in Germany. Lasers have been a big part of our success with chronic pain but now we can achieve great results with our resistant cases by utilizing PRP and Internal Lasers together (LARIT) and receive positive additive effects for our patients. With Internal Lasers we can insert fiber optic lasers down into the PRP needles which helped activate the PRP and allows us to avoid any of the external barriers of laser penetration. This helps assure full dose laser directly into the damaged tissue. We are seeing great results by utilizing this dual process to accelerate healing and provide pain relief.

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